Wednesday, 28 June 2017


I'll say no more....


Journeys End? #JFT96

Will today be the day that sees justice prevail? Will the anxiety felt by the families of those that died, by those, who like me climbed out of that hell on earth as well as those affected in other ways, be banished forever?  

Awaiting the news from Warrington, I am nervous, apprehensive and at a total loss of understanding as to where I am at emotionally.  

Will I be angry, will I be sad, will I be happy or will I have no apparent emotion at all?  Will I want hugs and company, will I want isolation or will I have no idea what I want? 

That scenario is today but it hasn't just been today. That's the emotional rollercoaster ridden every second of everyday because you never know when a trigger will happen, when your mood will swing or where that will take you.

This journey has been a journey of almost half of my life - I was a week shy of my 29th birthday when I went to see the Reds tonk Forest.  The journey hasn't all been bleak as friendships have formed that otherwise probably wouldn't.  There are also positives to be taken from never giving up, campaigning to get the Truth out there and succeeding. 

There are also many people out there who are barely thought about in the emotion of Hillsborough - the families of the survivors.  Some people, including myself, have been lucky enough to have the support of a loving family throughout this journey - thank you all.  Some however were not so fortunate.

Today's announcement, whatever it is, for me will simply be another set of crossroads on the journey. Which road is taken and where it takes us is as yet unknown. 

Justice for the 96