Monday, 17 October 2011

Hillsborough debate: Liverpool MP Steve Rotheram's opening speech in full - Liverpool Local News - News

A powerful and moving opening speech to the Hillsborough debate by Steve Rotheram MP.

Hillsborough debate: Liverpool MP Steve Rotheram's opening speech in full - Liverpool Local News - News

I would personally like to thank him and Andy Burnham MP for their unstinting work in getting this debate to Parliament.

Justice for the 96 YNWA

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Pensions or The Truth?

Christopher Chope MP shows his true Tory colours by objecting to the Hillsborough debate due to be held next Monday in the House of Commons. It appears that 3 hours, in his opinion, is far too long for a debate that could ultimately lead to the truth finally emerging about the diabolical mismanagement by the authorities that led to 96 people losing their lives in a tragedy that was so easily avoidable. Instead he prefers to debate the crucial business of MPs pensions because of course this is more important than exposing the lies and deceit of Thatcher's Government, a Government incidentally that he was a part of. I wonder if his son, daughter, sibling, father or mother attended a sporting event only to die - because that, put simply, is what happened - would he be of the same opinion? It will be interesting to see if our "democratically" elected House decide to #DebateHillsborough or follow Chope and debate their pensions. #JFT96

Monday, 8 August 2011

Loving Life as a Liverpudlian lady in Indonesia - The Kop Blog post - Liverpool FC

Please check out this superb blog.

If you ever want proof that you don't need to be from this great city to be red to the on! YNWA

Loving Life as a Liverpudlian lady in Indonesia - The Kop Blog post - Liverpool FC

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Boo Boys

I was asked, along with six others to write a guest blog by The Liver Bird

The seven blogs are now there to check out...enjoy.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Liverpool Supporters' Committee

A video about how the Selection Panel chose the 18 people to form the new Liverpool Supporters' Committee from over 4,000 applicants is on the official club website.

An interesting film and one that shows that the club are trying to create genuine links with the supporters and give us a voice. Let's hope it works - I feel that it will.

Best of luck to all the applicants I hope that you get good news on Friday!

You'll Never Walk Alone

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Justice for the 96

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Never Forgotten - The 22nd Anniversary of Hillsborough

15 April 2011 is of course the 22nd Anniversary of Hillsborough. If you intend going to the memorial service at Anfield please remember to get your ticket first. They are free from the Anfield ticket office. Details here

YNWA Justice for the 96

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Liverpool Football Club is for life.....

I'm not sure if it is my age or the nature of topflight football now, with its mercenary, Sky driven greed that means I no longer have heroes in the Liverpool team or in football in general. Instead I have respect for players with skill, endeavour, a hard-working ethic and honesty.

As the Hicks & Gillett era almost drained the life out of my club Fernando Torres was one player, who in days gone by would have been a hero of mine. Instead, now I admired his skill, his commitment to the team, the club and what it stands for, its supporters and the city of Liverpool. A shining light in the dark days the ownership brought onto the club.

My admiration was matched by the heroic status given to Nando by supporters to whom he was a hero, in the same way as Roger Hunt, Emlyn Hughes, Kevin Keegan and King Kenny were mine.

A player who matched many of the attributes of the players in my list whilst on the pitch, his scoring record speaks for itself, has ultimately, and for whatever reason, let down the club and its supporters by the manner of his departure. Either he lied all along about his love for the club or he’s had his head turned by the mercenaries now running and in my opinion ruining our game.

My youngest daughter has inherited my passion for the club and like many young supporters hasn’t been as fortunate as I was in the late 60s and 70s in supporting a club with integrity and a loyalty second to none. My heroes moved on with dignity and pride knowing that they had played for the best club in the land. Now, possibly approaching his peak, her hero has gone and let her down, as her Facebook status shows:

"I don’t see myself playing for Real Madrid or Barcelona or Chelsea or any other team I see myself playing for Liverpool."- Fernando Torres “My reason to be annoyed -.-''

My comment in response to that was simple:

“We are Liverpool - we have Kenny. He'll miss us more than we'll miss him!”

The reason I can be sure of this is that I feel that the club, in Kenny’s short time back in charge, is returning to its traditional values in as much as it can do in this modern “dog eat dog” world. We have owners who seem to be taking responsibility to run the club sympathetically – in “The Liverpool Way” if you like. And it’s like a breath of fresh air.
The nature of the modern game means that heroes are always liable to let their worshipers down but in Liverpool FC I now believe we have a club that we can be proud of again.
In essence I thank Nando for the service he’s given in his time here but he’s made his decision to move on and he’ll have to live by it. Owen didn't give Rafa a chance much to his detriment and maybe Nando's decision not to give Kenny time will prove to be his loss.

Heroes it seems are transient; Liverpool Football Club is for life.