Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Pensions or The Truth?

Christopher Chope MP shows his true Tory colours by objecting to the Hillsborough debate due to be held next Monday in the House of Commons. It appears that 3 hours, in his opinion, is far too long for a debate that could ultimately lead to the truth finally emerging about the diabolical mismanagement by the authorities that led to 96 people losing their lives in a tragedy that was so easily avoidable. Instead he prefers to debate the crucial business of MPs pensions because of course this is more important than exposing the lies and deceit of Thatcher's Government, a Government incidentally that he was a part of. I wonder if his son, daughter, sibling, father or mother attended a sporting event only to die - because that, put simply, is what happened - would he be of the same opinion? It will be interesting to see if our "democratically" elected House decide to #DebateHillsborough or follow Chope and debate their pensions. #JFT96

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