Sunday, 18 July 2010

The Liverpool Way

Liverpool Football Club, in the past did things "The Liverpool Way". Something that grew in the Shankly era and was admired far and wide. Then, like now, the press were fed on crumbs but those crumbs were factual and not the leaked drivel we seem to find now.

As Liverpool got on with it with a quiet dignity, we as fans would eagerly jump to the back page of the Echo to see if we HAD signed anyone - not who we might be signing or any of the other dross that is pumped out so frequently and inaccurately now.

Back then we trusted that club was being run professionally by the chairman, board and secretary and the playing side including, transfer targets, was the decision of the manager and his staff. Together they worked as a team - bringing the best for our club.

Sadly "The Liverpool Way" has been lost, it's broken. Where once there was dignity, loyalty and respect we now suffer ridicule. Roy Hodgson comes across as a diplomat so may help deflect some unwanted press attention away. That though, won’t fix the problem.

New owners and backroom staff might be the long term cure but old ‘owners’ and their staff and their use or misuse of the press are the current symptoms that need dealing with.

The prescription for me, until new owners are in place, is for LFC to call a press conference, honestly spell out what each of their roles actually are, and announce that all future press briefings will be announced, transparently, via the official website. A bitter taste for those in situ I would guess but something that I believe would bring some sort of stability to the illness inflicted on our club.

Even if we don’t like what we hear, at least would stop all this obsessive and worrying speculation and it may even make the club a better proposition to prospective new owners.

A new season is upon us and we need to get on with ensuring we get the best possible results for the club, our club, with what we have not what we hope to have.

Liverpool in the past played it simply both on and off the field leading the way to our great successes. Doing things simply isn’t always the easy option but it is the Liverpool Way.

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