Sunday, 3 October 2010

If I never saw the sunshine, I wouldn’t mind the rain…

The trouble is, not only did I see the sunshine, I saw a long hot summer lasting from the mid 60s until 6 February 2007. Then the weather changed, as slowly but surely two new owners gathered in the clouds above L4; it’s been raining ever since.

The rain is now so heavy that come 11 October 2010 Liverpool Football Club as we know it could sink into the mire as the banks decide our fate.

Today Liverpool face Blackpool sitting in the bottom three after our worst start to a season in my memory.  A win is of course vital and could see us move up to 10th in “this oddest of Premier League seasons” – something straight of the Sky Sports book of bullshit quotes.

If we win today it won’t alter the fact that this is poor, this is wrong and this is totally unacceptable!

I happen to think that the manager has been tactically inept, the players, some of them at least looking less than hungry or caring – but by far the biggest problem is the current ‘ownership.’

That’s why it is not 3pm that is most important time today but 1:30pm outside the supporters club, when the fans, myself included, will come together to show that we aim to get our sunshine back. If you can make it please be there even if you’re not going to the game. (More info on Spirit of Shankly)

Also don’t forget if you can get down to Hope Street this morning do so. Mike Jefferies and Dan Hubbard are continuing their film aimed at showing the world what Hicks & Gillett are doing to OUR club so support them if you can.

The title of this piece is a Beth Orton song – she wrote another called Blood Red River…two lines in that song say a lot:
Why must people always want what they can’t have?
Why must people always take but forget to ask?
Hicks & Gillett you forgot to ask and we will show you that you can’t have. You are not welcome anywhere!

Our fight is against them, the owners of our club – although I don’t understand how they get that title – let’s take back what is ours!

Liverpool Football Club is in the wrong hands!

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