Saturday, 22 September 2012

Let’s Make the Banter Fun - It's time to move on

As the rivalry reignites for tomorrows Liverpool v Manchester United game let’s make sure that the banter is just that, witty banter.

Supporters from both teams have over the last few years taken the banter to an unacceptable level.  It’s often written that it is only the minority that engage in the vile abusive chants about the Munich Air and Hillsborough Disasters. I’m not so sure that that has been the case but nonetheless even if it is the smallest minority it is intolerable.

In all the years we have spent in Europe – it could easily have been a plane full of Liverpool FC players and staff  in a Munich like disaster.  Likewise in the years of success that Manchester United have had in the FA Cup it could have easily been their fans not ours at Hillsborough.

Both clubs supported each other unstintingly at the time of the disasters and the same has been true of Manchester United since the release last week of the Hillsborough report with Sir Alex Ferguson's letter to fans including:

"Our great club stands with our great neighbours Liverpool today to remember that loss and pay tribute to their campaign for justice. I know I can count on you to stand with us in the best traditions of the best fans in the game.”  

Let’s respect the two clubs but most of all show respect to the dead and the relatives of those taken in two disasters.  It’s time to move on.

As for the game, let the banter begin.  I hope that Manchester United turn up in that grey “stealth” kit!

Can you see it?

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